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DJ Motion-One






Record Releases of DJ Motion-One

12" Vinyl "DJ Motion-One - Passion, Faith, Love and Truth"

This record came out just before the Love Parade / Street Parade 2002 and is the most recent release of DJ Motion-One. A beautiful piano melody with a very danceable foundation ! Unfortunately I had to interrupt the promotion for this record, because of the preparations for the parade. Nevertheless, it is one of my favorite tunes !


DJ Motion-One - Passion Faith Love and Truth

12" Vinyl "DJ Motion-One - Techno Junkies"

This record was the "anthem" of our truck at the Love Parade 2001, especially the "Big Trance Mix" was played up and down. The style of the "Stadium Mix " is "okay, lets go ! :-)", the "Big Trance Mix" is more a kind of "Acid-Trance", but very danceable too ! The cover is a snapshot from a laser show at which almost real "masterpieces" could be seen (especially the back side cover of the record). Yeah, not just the music of this time was something very special, the laser shows and parties were a class of its own as well !

DJ Motion-One - Techno Junkies

12" Vinyl "DJ Motion-One - Ultimate Melody"

The "Ultimate Melody"is the most successful record of Motion Records so far. Also a quite controversial issue in those days. It is a real "catchy melody" that is "whistled", combined with a "hard" beat, a chorus part and some nice pads. I "composed" this melody in my childhood when I whstled all day known and unknown tunes. This melody survived until today and of course I had to make a record of it. A big dream came true ! :-)


DJ Motion-One - Ultimate Melody


12" Vinyl "DJ Motion-One - Encore"

This record was the first release of Motion Reords on vinyl, a trance version of the "classic" track from LiveAct Encore. The Windy Stadium Remix is a bit harder, the other versions are nice trance versions of the popular piano melody. At the time of production, I wanted to do a little "different" version of this title, but who likes this song, will like this record too :-).


DJ Motion-One - Encore

CD "DJ Motion-One - Dont let nobody ... fool ya"

This release on CD has a catchy lyrics "hook". At ths time, I made the decision to bring out my tracks exclusively on my own label and market it by myself.. I didn´t want A&R departments of bigger record labels to tell me how "successfull music" has to sound. I think, a song has to sound exactly the way, the artist wants it to sound. This is what this song is all about. It also has a nice atmosphere and beat !

DJ Motion-One - Dont let nobody ... fool ya

CD "DJ Motion-One - The Walls of Silence"

The first release under the name DJ Motion-One was "The Walls of Silence ". Concerning the sound to be regarded as experimentally, but with good ideas and bass lines.

DJ Motion-One - The Walls of Silence





On the following commercial CD compilations are songs by DJ Motion-One :
Helden der Nacht - Vol. 2 (Dance Network / ZYX Music)

CD2/Track 4: Techno Junkies (Hard Mix) - 6'30

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Super Ingo - Techno mit Vollgas (Warner Music)

CD1/Track 17: DJ Motion-One - Ultimate Melody (NoMercy RMX) - 6'54

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DJ Top 40 - Vol. 05 - German Dance and Disco Charts

CD2/Track 11: DJ Motion-One - Ultimate Melody (Radio Edit) - 4'09

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Ultimate Melody released as a single on Maad Records / Warner Music

The Ultimate Melody was rereleased in 2000 again byMaad Records / Warner and pomoted as a CD and 12" vinyl in large numbers. At Popkomm in Cologne "DJ Hildegard" (A & R at Maad Records) literally "persuaded" :-) me to bring out this album on a larger scale than on my own label. This became my first real "major deal" with waner music, which I had absolutely not expected. Unfortunately some things went wrong during the promotion (there was probably something with the video) and the recordwas not quite as successful as expected.


cd_DJ_Motion-One_-_Ultimate_Melody_Maad_Records_WEA_Warner_Music.jpg Pressetext Ultimate Melody WEA
left: CD single, middle: 12" DJ-Vinyl and right the press release
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Coverversion of the "Ultimate Melody" as "The Daydream" by "Kosmonova vs C-Star" on DosorDie Records / Germany

The Ultimate Melody was covered by "Kosmonova vs. C-Star" and reproduced as a commercial version and published on DosorDie Records. The basic idea of the song, the whistling and the accompaniment remained mainly identical to the original, but they added other sounds and lyrics to be adopted better on the radio. The product was released as a CD single and reached number 73 of the German sales charts and it could be bought in any standard record store. This version of the "Ultimate Melody" is by far the best selling one. I personally like the original better still, somehow more "powerful", but all people involved have really done a good job and produced a very good CD and "The Daydream" has rightly found a lot of fans!

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"Ultimate Melody" aka "The Daydream" on big samplers


On large samplers that are sold million times, of course, a track is spreading very much. DosorDie did an outstanding job to put the song on so many compilations. "The Daydream" aka "Ultimate Melody" or "the melody from my childhood" could now be heard by millions of people. This is, of course, a dream of every musician !


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Live Gigs

Of course not all flyers of the events I played still exist, but some are still there and I've just scanned them in. (a few gigs were quite large with several thousand people, some others only in smaller places)


Gigs in Germany


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Gigs in Switzerland / France

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And yes, techno music was played 100% on vinyl records ! :-). Both the optics, and the sound was much better than on CD. Most releases of DJ Motion-One came out first on vinyl. To remember this unique black material, I simply photographed a couple of these vinyls.


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DJ charts and promotion

Here are some samples of promo sheets and copies of the DJ charts of those days :-)







Interview with DJ Motion-One


"As a DJ, how would you describe your musical style ?"

I would say that I spin harder trance-techno. In larger events I play of course "techno" ! I try with the right composition of sounds to create an atmosphere, where everyone can feel "the intensity" and the energy of being together with so many people ! This energy can be generated only at events from 1500 people or more and is one of the greatest experiences that exist in our time ! In the smaller clubs I like to experiment with mood, ie I send people, together with me, on a "journey". The sound can be "hard", "strong", "loud" but also "beautiful" and "melodic". Therefore I'm mixingsometimes even older tracks with something brand new and of course I also play tracks that noone else can ! My goal is not just to entertain the people, but rather to create some kind of "memorable event ", to accompany the audience on a musical "trip" that everyone shall always remember. This is very important to me, and this is "my style" ! :-)