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Motion-Records Label Infos



Techno Trance Independent Record-Label

Motion Records was founded in 1996 in Munich as an independent label with its own distribution. Mainly 2 artist release their records, "LiveAct Encore" and "DJ Motion-One". Under the slogan "hard beats and cool melodies" 16 projects have been released so far. The music style can be described as "Melodic Hard Trance and Techno".


Record Releases

There are now 16 publications. 12 releases on CD and 4 on 12" vinyl. There are only a few copies of the original vinyl records, especially the vinyls were prouced in relatively small numbers and nowadays they have certain collector's value. All releases are available now in our Download Shop, here on this site !


"Hard Beats and cool Melodies !" :-)

"Hard beats and cool melodies !", is exacly what Motion-Recods is producing ! :-). "Motion" means "movement ". Good dance music represents this message outstandingly. "While In motion experiencing something exciting !". Everybody who likes dance music knows, how good it is to generate positive energy.


The Logo


The black airplane on white background with the Motion logo has been created around 1998 and replaced the text-only logo. It symbolically represents a large transport aircraft that can reach, with its attached long range fuel tanks under the wings, any place in the world without refueling in order to do something positive. Exactly the same thing Motion Records does in a figurative sense. Symbolically, the art form of music corresponds to the "long range" transport plane and the message of the songs are the positive force that are transported.


Label Code and catalog numbers

The registered label code is LC-10051 and catalog numbers of releases have the following format: MR-90XX-YY, where XX is the number of publication, and YY is the format (eg CatNo: "MR-9018-12 " / Release Number 18 on 12" vinyl or CatNo:" MR-9009-CD "/ Release No. 9 on CD).



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